About OurGoods

OurGoods is a community of artists, designers, and cultural producers who want to barter skills, spaces, and objects.

OurGoods supports the production of new work through barter, because resource sharing is the paradigm of the 21st century. OurGoods is a scaleable, local initiative and part of the growing landscape of alternative models of exchange in art, design, and culture. OurGoods is specifically dedicated to the barter of creative skills, spaces, and objects. It is a community of cultural producers matching "needs" to offered "haves." OurGoods helps independent projects get done.

Our current group is listed below. You can contact us at info@ourgoods.org.

Jen Abrams, Co-Founder
Jen is a choreographer and performance-maker with a background in arts administration. Jen works on the public side of OurGoods: building awareness of the site, partnering with other non-profits, being an ambassador for resource-sharing in the creative community, and raising the money. She thinks a lot about building a positive and productive environment on OurGoods, and about how to help people make resource sharing a part of their lives. She is most interested in making OurGoods a viable, dynamic resource for getting creative projects done. 

For the last thirteen years, Jen has been part of WOW Cafe Theater, a collectively-run theater space for women and transpeople. WOW has run on a barter/gift economy since its founding in 1980. WOW is part of Fourth Arts Block, which facilitates resource sharing within the East 4th Street Cultural District. She is an advocate for resource sharing in the NYC downtown dance community, and in her neighborhood of Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Jen is a skilled institutional and individual fundraiser, with a background in strategic planning for and management of small and founder-led non-profits. She has managed small non-profits since 1994.
For more information on Jen’s performance work, go to www.jenabrams.org.

Caroline Woolard, Co-Founder
Caroline is an idea person, a hands-on person, and a people person. For OurGoods, Caroline deals with words and people: writing grants, making events happen, answering emails, meeting people, planning for the long-term, researching barter/sharing/gifting, and talking about OurGoods. Caroline is also a co-founder of Trade School, a non-traditional learning space that runs on barter. Caroline loves connecting people to help each other get things done.
After building out an 8,000 square foot studio space with friends and living in it for four years, Caroline discovered the power and satisfaction of resource-sharing and decided to commit her life to collective infrastructure. Caroline is a coordinating member of the grassroots economic justice collective called SolidarityNYC, and also teaches a course called “Barter: the social practice of non-monetary exchange” and a professional practices course for fine arts majors at the New School.
Artistically, Caroline makes work where people gather: the street, the subway, and now, the internet. From subway seats to swings for the subway, from performances to modular furniture, Caroline works collaboratively to create plausible alternatives to unquestioned routine. You can see more of that in her OurGoods profile.

Lee-Sean Huang, Information Architect
Lee-Sean is the founder and creative director of Foossa. As a designer and strategist, he has devoted his career to working with social enterprises, non-profits, and communities to create transformative experiences for positive social change. He has collaborated with organizations including: Purpose, Avaaz.org, Human Rights Watch, The Tenement Museum, Creative Commons, Made in the Lower East Side, and Afro Brazil Arts. For OurGoods, Lee-Sean creates the informational architecture as well as experience design for the site.

Tom Gillis, Front End Developer
Coming soon.

Brian Olore, Back End Developer
Brian has been a Software Engineer at Boeing for the last 4 years where he leads a team of Agile developers in enhancing the corporation's flagship intelligence analysis product. Brian's work involves test-driving Ruby on Rails and Javascript code, as well as being the Technical Lead Engineer for the team. In this role he is responsible for leading, mentoring and facilitating cross-team collaboration. Prior to Boeing, Brian worked at IBM for 10 years creating large scale web applications for use within the corporate intranet. Brian received a BS in Computer Science and a MS in Software Development from Marist College. He can be found at http://brian.olore.net.

Eric Stolten, Back End Developer
Eric has been Software Engineer at Boeing for the last 5 years where he is currently a member of the User Interface team.  In the past he’s led a Software Construction and Tools team where we custom tailored internal tool needs and oversaw the packaging and installation of a large scale system.  He principally writes test-driven code for Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, and jQuery.  Outside of work, Haskell is his language of choice. Prior to Boeing, Eric finished his MA in Mathematics from SUNY Binghamton.

Megan Hustad, Newsletter
Megan started out in the editorial departments of big book publishers, then wrote a book, and now helps other people write theirs. She founded Wherewithal Press, Inc. in 2005 and in its early days the company was simply a cover for freelance editorial work. It has since expanded to offer communications and content strategy consulting to a variety of for- and nonprofit organizations. Her next book will be published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in 2014.

Ann Chen, User Experience Design
Coming soon. 

Angela Beallor, Administrative Assistant
Angela is an artist and writer with a background in community and political organizing. She spends her time working with artists (with a particular interest in antiquated technologies), building, creating, and scheming in her studio, and actively participating in the large collective house that she inhabits. Angela holds a BS in photo-illustration and journalism from Kent State University and an MFA in photography from Bard College-International Center of Photography. She is originally from Cleveland, Ohio and has been digging her roots in Brooklyn for the past seven years.