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created about 4 years ago
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I love to take it to the max and learn by falling on my face. Already deeply rooted in stage combat, sword fighting, physical theatre. Just want to expand my horizons more! Looking for lessons in: -Parkour -Gymnastics -Circus Apparatus -Slacklining **Anything that I might get a kick out of and introduce me to a new skill. I can offer my skills in Stage Combat and Acting.

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About Jose


I am a fight choreographer, theatre maker, performer and teacher based in the NYC/NJ area. I create my own Fight Theatre work, choreograph fights for stage and screen, and teach workshops in stage combat and physical fitness/awareness. Absolutely in love with movement, theatre, and adventure. Combine the three and I'm a very happy camper. Very eager to learn and I never mind looking like a fool. I am very interested in learning anything high-flying, unique, challenging, or exciting (ex: Parkour, gymnastics, circus apparatus, etc.) But also just interested in being introduced to any new skill or walk of life. Please contact me and we will make each other cooler people!

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